fluoxymesterone halotestin

With layered mesh structure , release of aluminum and magnesium ions in the stomach occurs gradually as a function . When used in therapeutic doses fluoxymesterone halotestinpractically not absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. In this case magnesium and aluminum level in the blood plasma remains within the physiological limits.

Indications for use :

  • acute and chronic gastritis;
  • gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
  • reflux esophagitis;
  • heartburn and other symptoms of gastro-intestinal tract caused by high acidity of gastric juice.

Individual intolerance, children up to 12 years.

Use during pregnancy and lactation
Although proven that after taking the drug fluoxymesterone halotestin levels of aluminum and magnesium in the blood plasma remains within the physiological norm, during pregnancy, the drug should be taken only after consulting your doctor.
Taking the drug during lactation has no negative impact on the child.

Dosing and Administration
Ingest. Tablets should be chewed and, if desired, to wash down with water. Adults and children over 12 years : Acute and chronic gastritis, reflux – esophagitis : 500-1000 mg (1-2 tablets) 1-2 hours after meals and at bedtime, as well as, if necessary. Peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer : 1,000 mg (2 tablets) 3-4 times a day after meals and before bedtime. Treatment should be continued for 4 weeks after complete disappearance of symptoms. Heartburn and other symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract associated with increased acidity of gastric contents :. 500-1000 mg (1-2 tablets), if necessary, maximum daily dose hydrotalcite should not exceed 6000 mg (12 tablets).


Side effects
When using the drug in high doses may loose stools.

Currently, the cases of overdose were reported Taltsid.

Interaction with other drugs
Medications should be taken 1-2 hours before or after taking Taltsid.
In an application  reduces the absorption of tetracycline antibiotics, fluoroquinolones (ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin) and glycosides.

Patients with impaired renal function, hypophosphatemia, a diet with a low content of phosphates should not take fluoxymesterone halotestin in high doses, prolonged use of the drug is also not recommended.

Effects on ability to drive and use machinery
is not affected.